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Marches Divers Slow Airs
Accordian Man
All the Blue Bonnets are over the border
Cabar Feidh
Cullen bay
Cutting Bracken
Fleet from Flotta
Highland Laddie
Johnny Cope
Kilworth hills
Lord Lovat's lament
March of the Cameron Men
Robert Bruce Soldiers march
Rose of Allendale
The Black Bear
The Earl of Mansfield
The Atholl Highlanders
The road to the Isles
The Rebel Piper

Absent without leave, St Patrick's day, Garry Owen
Balmoral, The land of my youth, Shoals of herring
Battle of the Somme, The heights of Dargai
Colonel Robertson, The Quakers Wife, I am a young Man
Grand old flag, When the caissons rolling along, The halls of Montezuma
Green hills of tyrol, When the battle is over, Lochanside
Teribus,The brown haired Maiden
The Cock of the North, Farewell to the Creeks
The mucking of Geordie's Byre, Bonny Dundee, A hundred pipers
The high road to Gairloch, The barren rocks of Aden, Mhari's weeding
The Minstrel Boy, The old rustic bridge, Wings,
The Pikeman's march, Battle of Waterloo
Scotland the brave, The Rowan tree, Killiecrankie, Scotland the brave
When the battle is over, The Highland Brigade at Magersfontein, The Heroes of Victoria
Barney's balmoral
Cutty's weeding
Itchy fingers
Molly Connel
Steam train to Mallaig
The Banjo Breakdown
The Earl of Mansfield
The irish washerwoman
The jiggernaut
The Glasgow city police pipers

A Man's a Man for a'that
Amazing Grace
Auld lang syne
Canon Pachelbel
Celtic Bolero Pipe 1
Celtic Bolero Pipe 2
Cullen Bay
Ellan Vannin
Erin's green shores
Farewell to Camraw
Flower of Scotland
Going Home Funeral
Hector the hero
Highland cathedral
La Boum
Mingulay boat song
Morag of Dunvegan
My home
Row me home to Islay
Scots wha hae
The Battle of Stirling Bridge
The Bells of Dunblane
The Dark Island
The Flowers of the Forest
The Hills of Pomeroy
The Rose of Kelvingrove
The Skye boat song
When the Pipers Play